No joke, I’m seriously into cooking..

My dear missus will be home in two days. Not that I get to see her when she comes home but like I said I really miss her when she is away.

Tomorrow, I will move into a new apartment, a lot nicer and closer to office too. The one that I am staying now is ok – it’s a studio apartment, spacious and quite cozy, I kinda like it. The only problem with it is the kitchen.

It’s a studio type, where the kitchen is made part of the living/TV area. Fine if you don’t cook. As I now have started to do some serious cooking (seriously, no joke), I asked for an apartment with a separate kitchen. At least, whenever I cook or fry something, the odor will not stay in the whole area. So they recommended me this new apartment, which happen to be nearer to my office.

In fact, the admin lady brought me to see several apartments yesterday, and without much contemplation, I made up my mind on this one. It is closer to office as I’m getting sick and tired of cycling every morning. It is not too big and yet, it meets my every expectation. And it comes with more English channel TV cable. A bless. And the office promised to fix an internet connection too!


~ by pickholes on August 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “No joke, I’m seriously into cooking..”

  1. I used to stayed in a studio last time, when I open the door and straight away I could see my kitchen and some dish upside down..

    Yaaaa… when I fried “Ikan masin”, I’ll enjoy the aroma of the ikan masin for at least half an hour when I got in bed.


  2. ekau masak apo jang? masak lomak cili api ko asam podeh? sanun ado bahan ko?

  3. buleh la jang oii…nak hidup..

  4. Cari le tukang masak….bawak dari India ke, Pakistan ke,…. boleh jugak kena prata.

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