Kelakar giler. Kisah seorang nelayan, from my bro.

It’s alarming to read all the recent news highlighted by the Mainstream Media on fucked-ups done by government officials in Selangor, Perak, Kelantan and Penang. Albeit, a standard “well memorized” remark by BN men that none of these series of ‘great discoveries’ bears any political motive, we are not that stupid to not understand that the real intent was to reflect how corrupt the PR men are.

Though, it’s good to hear that our relevant authority is cranking up busting the evils but we damn well know how politically-selective they are in their investigation. Whoever the mastermind of this investigation conspiracy should have realized the bigger picture he is painting to people. Coz, I believe to any ordinary people out here, the only conclusion that we can draw from this is that all politicians, given the trust and power, if investigated, are as corrupt, regardless from which political party they are from.

I mean, it doesn’t hit the target as plotted. Fact that the investigation is selective, it is fair for the people to stereotype just how crooked our politicians are. And it only reflect just how fail our PM is. With a country managed by a bunch of crooks, we are heading to nowhere.


~ by pickholes on August 22, 2008.

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