yea yea mommy balik..

Sweetie pie and my mom will be home later today. Text me last night right before she boarded. Thank God, everything went very well for them.

I am sure my younger two are really excited, especially my daughter who had been counting days. Though they are fine with their aunties and big sisters around, every now and then they cried before they went to bed.

Terima kasih to Kak Yan and Danny, and big kudos to big sis too for job well done…

And last night, I moved into my new apartment. I love the place. Unpacked my stuff and put them in places and watched TV till late.


~ by pickholes on August 23, 2008.

One Response to “yea yea mommy balik..”

  1. mne de adik nanes mlm2…oke je…hehehe….tido evry nite kol 1 am..dasattt….maen all the time…
    hakeem siap xnk mommy balik cz he broke mommy’s stepler, he said “i dun want mommy to come home cz i’m scared she’s gonna yell at me very loud” hehehehehe…lawakk

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