Anwar, as “expected” won

Missus text me the result late last night.

I read today – Anwar won, as expected, says the mainstream media. Frankly, I don’t actually see them expecting Anwar to win. “as expected” my ass, if you read the mainstream media over last few days, it sounded like BN has garnered people of PP support and in fact has succeeded in wining those ‘on the fence’ voters to vote for BN. They were damn confident of wining!

Forget statistic and in-depth political analysis, lay man says BN or UMNO should do this to regain support:-

Start realizing that people are not stupid. Fact is, the rakyat are the masters and politicians are mere servants paid and appointed by the masters. So, remember this, especially the young UMNO leaders!

Be selective or just stop letting some UMNO goons and old farts from saying anything or even campaigning for the party. These no brain morons do more harm with every word coming from their mouth.

Revoke Utusan Malaysia publishing permit – most of the reports do more harm too. They should know that the paper is not circulated to orang kampong lulus darjah enam only, professional read the paper too. So, they have to publish smart and non insulting news. Ok, they can leave the ‘Hiburan and Artis Tanahair’ section untouched.


~ by pickholes on August 27, 2008.

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