Anwar telah bersumpah, akhirnya

….yeah, in Parliament this morning.

Ok show is over, get back to work.

I can’t help but to notice two versions of reactions from some prominent BN leaders following the PR landslide victory at PP.

The first went something like, fuck it, don’t worry, it was expected, that’s his hometown, nothing to worry, it is not a trend, BN retain the same number of seats in parliament anyhow and it should not be perceived as a threat to BN. One of the morons also belittled PR for not winning a much higher majority.

Veerryyy matured…

Another went something like respecting voters’ choice and BN at the same need to re look at themselves, analyze weaknesses and try to resolve it, the result is reflective of the overall perception and feeling of Malaysians and BN must acknowledge and address the people’s dissatisfaction.



~ by pickholes on August 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Anwar telah bersumpah, akhirnya”

  1. Rakyat peduli apa dgn kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim. Yang orang peduli adalah pasal harga minyak yang naik melampau, harga barang yang asyik naik-naik tak pernah turun dan hidup yang makin terhimpit….! sebab tu PKR boleh Menang. BTW, bro, happy belated birthday! lupa lak aku birthday kau bulan Ogos gak. yg aku ingat birthday Tengku Shahila 18hb Ogos…..hehehehe….!

  2. Kita tengok macamana politician kita twist minda2 kita dalam budget yg d bentangkan today…mesti banyak gula2 dah pak lah beli utk d agihkan pada rakyat.

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