keep all that heavy and big presents warm, I am coming home

It’s Friday, yes. The end of my fifth week, with 3 weeks to go! YES!

Yesterday was my birthday. Missus called me first thing in the morning. She joked that I must’ve thought that she would forget my birthday.

Noo.. I know my woman, she’ll never forget all the important dates around her, birthdays of kids, parents, brothers, sisters, fathers’ day, mothers’ day, Valentine day, anniversary and all these days and dates that I sometime forget, are all well registered in her.

I don’t know, could be one of those woman thingy, but she just remembers all these without fail. Even things like the color of my shirt when we first met or what we ordered on our second date, things like that.

She takes all these seriously, but frankly, I admire that in her. Small matters that some people may take for granted make a whole lot difference in life.

All my daughters, separately, sent their beautiful wishes, including my youngest two who sent me a lovely e-card. THANKS for all the lovely wishes, my princesses and my hero – you are all so special and wonderfully sweet.

And surprisingly, later in the afternoon, my office mates threw a surprise birthday party at office too. It was really a surprise, as I didn’t expect it at all. 


~ by pickholes on August 29, 2008.

One Response to “keep all that heavy and big presents warm, I am coming home”

  1. I WILL GET 5A’S IN UPSR!!!!

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