My kids

Oh boy… am I glad that my next break falls within the puasa and raya time. Imagine if I were to be here during the festive, alone.

Cannot wait …

You know… the best time for me is, when missus is happy off course, and another is when all my kids are together. That’s the best moment of my life.

Seeing all my children together – having fun, playing and fooling around, gossiping or doing whatever silly things that they can come out with among themselves – just set off my body all over with an over-flown happy hormone. The best !!.

I know that they too miss the company of each other. The last time they were together, I mean all of them, was in December last year. We took them somewhere and they had so much fun together. And it was also in December a year before that they were all together – when we took them for a family vacation somewhere.

It is not easy to see them all together coz school holiday varies and some stay at boarding school. It seems to me that December is the only time that they can all be together coz it is a school holiday for all. So missus and I have planned something for this year end, and one thing for sure though, it will not be a ‘warm’ retreat this time for the kids!

..but definitely not Taiwan…


~ by pickholes on September 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “My kids”

  1. jgn kate KOREA??????????????????????????
    Oh mY GOD!!!
    Happy gilerrrrrr!!!

  2. Once a year pun okay la.. seronok. I don’t even go anywhere, tu lah gaji hari ni… susah nak ponteng…

  3. walau tak dpt gi mana.. walau gaji hari.. tapi lebat sih.. tu yg penting.. kumpul kasi penuh karung then jalan ahh.. 🙂

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