Things are steaming hot. The dude and his squat said they were not worried though nothing we have seen lately reflected that coolness.

It was a bluff he said. But dude, for real it is coming, so just hang on to your balls as they can shrink like a dried prune real bad soon. You’ll see soon your fates.

For those who are a bit upset with the 916 pledge, don’t as yet. I am sure we have learned how filthy things can get down to when one is in deep shit, as what you have seen in a very recent past. So, barging in and kicking some rotten ass just like that will not be a wise approach.

For those ordinary people who may be worry how the whole change-over will affects our day to day life. Don’t worry, nothing will personally hit us, take it as just a change of a servant – from one to another. We are still the boss. Nobody is going to guarantee a better servant but at least we have a choice.

If they screw-up, they will not see another 4 years of running the show.


~ by pickholes on September 17, 2008.

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