Balik…balik kampong..

Back to business, damn..

I really had a wonderful time. Missus and kids did too. Been away too long, probably we could say we almost forget (or underestimate) the thrill and euphoria of balik kampong for raya.

Things were just great!

I had once thought of migrating, but not now though. It could either be the age factor or just that I realized how wonderful our life here is.

It was really something. The atmosphere and mood as we went through the last couple of days of puasa was really something. It was just beyond words to illustrate the anticipation.

The feel and excitement of kecuh kecuh with the kids, the packing by missus, the traveling (with breaks that we had during the long haul – I had never felt so cheerful driving through a bad traffic along the highway. It was a long journey home but we stopped a couple of times – pekena kopi, isap rokok, solat, eat and all), playing bunga api with my little kids, the time spent with families and visiting relatives were so beautiful and nostalgic.

Really, I had a great time. God knows how dreadful I was thinking that I had to leave for work. But…


~ by pickholes on October 6, 2008.

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