I’ve started counting..

The first day in office was as usual suck. Badly missing missus and kids.

All I did yesterday was calculating days and messing around with calendars crossing weeks till my next time-off (as if doing so make the weeks move faster . pathetic..). Apart from smsing missus back and forth, I chat with sis nora on cats and harassing other online buddies on things just for the heck of it.

I really didn’t feel like working on my first day (or make it, first week..)

The weather is getting cold. Summer is definitely over. Funny though, when the weather changes, the place looks unfamiliar to me – tress along the road are changing colors, the ambiance turns gloomy and sad and even the people strolling the street appeared different from usual. It was dark when I cycled home yesterday… didn’t help my sorrowed mood missing the family back home.

But that’s life. Hope whatever I am going through today cheers me up.


~ by pickholes on October 7, 2008.

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