Hip hip Horray.. 3 kali…

This morning, I was wondering why all of a sudden I had this clueless-urge to celebrate on something.

True enough, this afternoon, I read Pak Lah has finally awakened from his slumber and saw the reality of the matter – that people are sick and have had enough of his ‘kerja bersama saya’ craps. So the man has decided to call it a day this coming March. Finally…pergh…

Startlingly hilarious, it was reported there were about 40 supporters of Pak Lah converged at his official residence chanting ‘Hidup Pak Lah’ with banners, posters and shits demanding the dude to defend the post. My..my…I don’t have a better term to dub this faction of asslicking monkey who demanded the man to defend the post even after the man himself said that he would not be defending it.

I bet you, this very same herd of asslicking monkey will also be the ones flashing ‘Hidup Najib’ when Najib is sworn as the next PM. Politicians….amazing aint it.


~ by pickholes on October 8, 2008.

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