Crossing my fingers

I said it before, life is boring as hell here. Apart from having to be in office close to 12 hours a day, if you don’t drink (not just beer, vodka and more vodka) and fuck around in bars, discos or pub, there is just nothing that could spice you up when you are pretty much a lone ranger.

There is a saying among us here, it is not life that is boring, it is the amount of vodka that is not enough!

If luck would have it, I may have a fellow country man working with me here anytime soon. That is if all goes well.

Having a buddy whose life does not revolve around vodka and girls would be a bless for me. I mean there are actually loads of things that can be done around here. I mean the country is great, there are so many places yet for me to venture and maann…only if I have my kaki around. There is also a number of good golf course that can be explored too.

During the last project meeting, my boss mentioned about one request from a client for a certain position to be posted immediately. Though they have proposed two candidates that the client has accepted, both candidates later declined the offer (I found out later that the money was not that good for these European candidates!). A ha….this could be it, so right after the meeting, I talked to my boss about proposing a friend of mine who is currently in middle east, to which he replied to send in the CV.

So, if all goes well (provided friend of mine is not asking anything close to USD40K a month), I am pretty sure he will be accepted. Yes, I am crossing my fingers now and hope all goes well.


~ by pickholes on October 10, 2008.

One Response to “Crossing my fingers”

  1. Hey! kalau friend tu refuse. recommend aku, US$20K per month is good enough for me……

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