Nuttin’ much

Not much. Really miss the sunny and warm weather back home. It rains quite often here of late and ..oh boy do I hate it when it rains *sigh*. You’d see your man here having to push his bicycle with one hand while holding an umbrella with another (with heavy jacket and bagpack). Definitely, not a “macho” looking sight huh..? Where is my jurufoto dari Qatar??

I am almost done with my second week, with 6 to go. Not bad, I am getting used to this.

Over at home, my poor missus is madly busy nowadays, with school-going kids and our little project. I am glad she managed to finally resume her usual gym routine though. She has been juggling her time making certain that all daily errands are attended to while at the same time closely manning the little project. I realized though it’s a little project but it takes toll on the limited time that she has. Mr Contractor and Mr Consultant are there alright, but still there are matters that require her to personally get her hands into. Must be all burnt out by the time she calls it a day, it just sometime makes me feel guilty of sitting on my ass here.

Well, that’s how it goes…


~ by pickholes on October 16, 2008.

One Response to “Nuttin’ much”

  1. macha, gambar byk ada…tapi nak upload too much time takinggg..
    give-up aku. tulah masalahnya guna slr ni, 1 photo too much pixel coming…

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