Ampang Medikal

I am not the biggest fan of local dramas for obvious reasons. I do watch them though, but not that I want to. But here is just something that my daughter told me weeks ago. I missed to see it, but had a peek of it in youtube.

What can I say…..I am not sure whether it is meant to be a Comedy or Medical Drama Series, but it is damn sure hilarious though. You can not even relate this drama to what you would see in real medical center. The language used and the look of the actors that better suit to assume roles of budak sekolah.

Ampang Medikal is the ultimate insult to whatever dignity left with the local train-wrecked drama industry. They might as well call it Anatomi Kelabu.


~ by pickholes on October 20, 2008.

One Response to “Ampang Medikal”

  1. hahahha hillarious! the ‘DOCTORS’ had a a conversation among them, it went “jadi KEMBUNG dia, bukan sbb ANGIN” -_____________-
    kamon la………..

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