My Sunday

Sunday was a couch-potato day, literally. I woke up early only to realize it was snowing outside. The neighboring was all white. I didn’t go out, all day was spent sitting on the couch watching TV and browsing.

I’d say it was quite a nostalgic day yesterday. Not that I was all melancholy and all that but the very ambience of winter just took me out of the presence. Same shit that I went thru when I was working in Calgary some years ago.

It brought me back to my all-happy-no-worry student days back in the states. Fudin, Jabaq, Lan Badak, Kamal, Ilham, Ajih, Salwa/Thomas, Salwa/Sugul, Wahida and all the stories tagging along with these characters. Wonder where some of them are now. It reminded me of my eldest daughter too who was born during winter. My Mercury Bob Cat wagon that could hardly start during winter and bringing her home in that hardly working heater piece of junk.

In the afternoon, chat with missus and the kids. Poor missus has been pretty hectic over the last couple of weeks and still. I talked to my son, and he was a bit chatty this time, complaining something about his friends at school. Late evening, I was online with my bro in the Middle East. Had a long chat with him on shits that we always talk about when we meet.

So that made my Sunday. O well, I am into my sixth now, hey …two weeks to go, not bad!


~ by pickholes on November 10, 2008.

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