Money Politics

Dr M says ISA should be used against corrupt Umno members

Buang pemimpin amal politik wang dari Umno – Mahathir

You would notice (or probably are sick of) the former PM saying over and over again that the outcome of the last GE didn’t actually reflect people support for the opposition but merely reflected how people hated the present government.

Well, I have started to not quite agree to that. Perhaps people are actually supporting the opposition. Of course there are reasons for this, for one, people by nature would like to see a non-corrupted and smart learned representative to stand for them, not just anybody who talk utter nonsense every time he opens his mouth. You can not blame voters for doing what they did in last GE– voting smart, non-corrupt and educated people, who happened to be representing the Oppositions.

And an interesting trend now is more and more young educated professionals are joining the opposition – acknowledged by the former PM himself. So what we have now or if the same ruling party is going to run this country is a bunch of old corrupted cocks or dumb retarded thugs who could not even talk proper English steering the ruling government. Not only corrupt but old style and approach, and lame mentality – you could see “CORRUPT” written all over their faces and would notice the manner some of these old cocks talk – as if they’re talking to horde of uneducated kampong folks who would nod their heads in chorus even before they finish the sentence. Well, it probably worked well for politicians in 1970s, but not now.

Not only rotten, but they are stupid too (some, not all though). People fail to understand some of the ignorant and foolish arguments made by these dumbasses against the oppositions, in particular the infamous multi lingual road sign and ISA issue. Even if they are right, most of the time they just could not express intelligently their spat to win any issue brought up and debated in parliament or publicly. So sad…

To add to this fucked up development, there is now rampant money politics revolving within the ruling party. Tak malu betul. It is a known internal disease that they are all acknowledged, but amusingly it seems to me that everybody in that party is condemning and slamming money politics with a straight face. Nobody seems to be silent on this issue, everybody speaks on how shameful the sin is – it just makes me wonder if all are nailing and pounding this money politics, then who are the culprits actually?.

The manner it is tackled is also almost laughable. You have over 900 reports submitted to a disciplinary committee, and this committee reports to Majlis Tertinggi. Tell me whether it works if the MT itself is comprised of the people who are alleged of practicing money politic or those who are contending for the positions in MT.


~ by pickholes on November 12, 2008.

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