100 orang pun boleh lawan..

Shit, I spilled my coffee this morning, right on my lap.

Bad sign? No, I was seeping my coffee when I read this.. “Samy Vellu sedia dicabar 100 orang…”, kah kah kah almost spill my guts out too. You know what lots of Indian movies can do to your ego.



~ by pickholes on November 17, 2008.

One Response to “100 orang pun boleh lawan..”

  1. Hi, I am Sammy Vellu the con man.

    Me and Bodawi the PM have join forces and plan to cheat the citezens of Malaysia. Afterall these citezens are studpid people. We have been cheating the whole nation for the past 50 yrs and intend to continue. Our bank accounts are full of money and we can buy anything.

    What can U do?

    The legal system is in our pockets, so is the Police including IGP and even the Malay rulers support us to rob the malaysia citzens.

    Anybody opposing us will be put in prison under ISA law.

    So you studpid citezens can’t do a thing about it, can you? BN rules OK

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