How to battle money politics

The Star reports that Najib will come out with more measures to combat money politics. He said what was need was the political will and commitment to combat the scourge and it should be realized that fighting this problem would require a comprehensive program.

What was that again?? Political will, commitment and comprehensive program….yeah, like how??

That sounded like a really ‘smart’ proposal coming from our PM in-waiting who was fresh from APEC and ready to hit NY malls. With pompous words like ‘combat’, ‘political will’ and ‘comprehensive’ thrown in between sentences, oh yeah he sounded smart alright. But what it was is actually a dumb motherfuckinghood statement that has no atom of meaning whatsoever. I know this kinda of answer works well all the time whenever you are asked something that you don’t know how to answer. It sounds good but down right stupid if you ask me. What a load of shit.

The only way to fight money politic is not to report money politic and let the members rejoice the culture merrily until the party stinks so bad like an all-night-buritos-fart that nobody can even get close to it and die naturally.

On Wanita, old granny was really out of her alignment for sure. She should’ve just looked at the picture here to tell whether mamak really agrees to the stupid transition plan. With the lame handshake and a disgruntled face like that, we all can tell that there was basically zero element of honesty there!

wanitaEnough idiots for one day, lets talk about me now. Yes, I have a week to go, and boy o boy I find myself all wound up and raring to take off. There are going to be so much fun this time – with so many things to do. It’s a school holiday for all my kids for one, and another, eidil adh is just around the corner. My children will all be there this time around.


~ by pickholes on November 24, 2008.

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