Happy Birthday…

My daughter is fourteen today, bertambah anak dara aku lagi. She told missus that the ‘feel’ was a bit different this time. I feel sorry, probably missus was a bit busy and her other sisters are still at school. But don’t worry dear, I am tellin’ ya we are gonna have a heck of a time celebrating everybody birthday by the beach soon.

Up next, my two other daughters and my son. Its that time of the year again.

I have another 4 days to go, but what’s going on at Suvanarbhumi risks my good time home… ada saje hal la….

The airport has been down for a straight three days now. So far I read there was only one flight that these people let go to take off, the one that took the hajj group to Mekkah. Not a single movement since then.

Please God I really really hope that the airport will reopen anytime soon or I will end up beraya haji by myself here. I don’t understand why travelers who are mostly foreigners are being taken hostages for something that they don’t even have an idea about. I don’t care what all these will do the country, economically and politically, but it’s an in-house fucked up, do whatever but leave us out from the mess – let go of the airport.


~ by pickholes on November 28, 2008.

One Response to “Happy Birthday…”

  1. Hopefully you can get home, we’ll pray for you.

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