The timing could not have been better

Now I am starting to get reaaaal worry. It is Saturday and the damn airport is still seized and controlled by these loads of turds. They just don’t know what the’re doing to their country. If there is no good development by tomorrow, I am getting my ticket re routed via somewhere else. Even if these turds leave the airport tomorrow, it will take time to resume the operation. Can’t believe this shit man.

Why the airport. I mean if these fools are trying to win a world attention, I think they have enough of that with their bizarre tiger shows and shit like that. You have a fucking problem with your leader, fine, I have no problem with that, we have that too, but apprehending an airport is like dragging others into your shit holes. Go and do whatever to your fucking skunky leader for we don’t give a rat ass about it. Come on, there are at least 50% foreigners at the airport and I am pretty sure we don’t give a flying fuck to what’s going on in your sorry country! As of now, more than 100,000 foreign tourists stranded in there!

And I don’t really get it how the army, police and the navy interface with the government, it sounds pretty independent to me. The government has declared a state of emergency which by right giving the right for the army to interfere to clear these turds from the airport. But from what I read, the army probably will not do no shit about it coz the army chief himself too has been asking the hardheaded PM to step down.

And the PM, it seems to me is giving these people a hell-no-I-am-resigning! He said he was democratically elected, and he should stay no matter what. Yeah right, for fucksake Mr PM, if a government, no matter how it is elected, fails to defend its own administrative center, or fail to command order or to even protect an international airport, the leader might as well resign.



~ by pickholes on November 29, 2008.

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