8 weeks to go

I am back.

It has been a while huh. Well, truth is I was soooo busy enjoying life. Imagine 20 days of f…g around doing absolutely nothing but letting go and having fun with missus and kids. I didn’t even have the time to watch TV, let alone read coz I was just way too busy being a lazy dog. I even missed Mawi wedding which was telecasted live on TV (only knew about it when I read newspaper on the plane). Not that I really wanted to watch it, but I am sure mawi wedding was a big deal there – point is I was really out of this world.

Eight weeks of busting your ass was well paid with a good break! I kinda like it this way. Tell me what could possibly be better than that. My next time off will be on 13 February, till then, just listen to me bitchin!


~ by pickholes on December 22, 2008.

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