Science and Math in English

So much of a dialogue over this issue, and not a decision made up till now. Like my daughter always says, it is unbe-bloody-lievable!

In some countries that I know, foreign languages in schools must only be taught by the respective foreign teachers. I mean, English must be taught by teachers with English being their mother touge, no exception! I can see why – coz learning a language is not about grasping the grammar and vocabs, it unquestionably goes beyond that that only teachers with the language being their mother touge language can comprehend.

So if our concern is to upgrade the standard of English among our kids, forget about extending the language in Science and Mathematic, just focus on English and at least, get the right and competent teachers for the subject.

Bad enough that we have teachers with bad command of the language teaching English at schools (ok, may be not all), now we are trying to make it even worse by extending it into science and math subjects. If we are eventually going for this, all it will do is screwing up further the language with more shameful intonation, pronunciation and grammatical blunder. And just how this will do any good to our kids?

And you know Chinese when they speak English. Man.. most of the time, these fuckers tend to forget that English is not their first language. They speak so fast and choppy that no English speaking people can possibly understand them.

No doubt we are good at writing, but when it comes to speaking, god knows how terribly bad we are. (just listen to Singaporean Chinese speak)


~ by pickholes on December 24, 2008.

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