All well

Yesterday was my son birthday. When I called, he replied me with a “my birthday again??”. I said yeah its your birthday again junior! Cute though. We threw a birthday party for him much earlier when I was in town after much nagging from him to have it soon. Seeing the rest of his sis celebrating their birthdays weeks earlier, he just couldn’t wait to have his. He is 5, and incredibly active!

Next week, the kids start their schooling, except my eldest who is supposed to be in a honeymooning period now. But for some reasons she is somewhat nervous about everything. I wish I was there to talk her out of it coz I don’t see why. She has done exceptionally well, her result was a bit short of a perfect score, and she has safely secured a place for her to pursue her dream. My baby never fails me.

Missus is finally over with the nuisance of Mr contractor, and I hope she is now enjoying every second of her leisure bits baking and baking.

And for me, life is getting quite ok here, my chicken curry turned out superb yesterday. I know I am getting good at this.


~ by pickholes on December 29, 2008.

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