2008 Wrap up

No, no wrap up. 2008 went just like that, I am not sure what I did but here we are, 2009!

New Year Eve’s celebration was a real celebration for the people here. I could hardly sleep – it went boom boom keboom all night long – it even continued till the second day, and also last night! Damn..talk about celebration tak ingat dunia!

Back home, I read the news that days before the new year, there would be some kinda g-string/no underwear sex party somewhere in Johor but it turned out that parties like this was thrown everywhere! Our dearest Astro Awani Farahrizan Abdul Razak was caught in one of those sex parties in KL. I googled the name just to find out how she looks like, amboi, muka mak datuk baik. She was later tested positive for drug…sick!

New Year resolution? I’d say I do have, but it’s basically a recycled of what I had last year, nothing new.


~ by pickholes on January 3, 2009.

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