All in a day’s work

The first thing that I normally do when I get in the office every morning is to check on my email, followed by hours of pretending to be working but actually reading newspaper online from the Star, NST, BH and Utusan (in this particular order), to others that I find interesting like CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and few others (apart from reading blogs and updating mine). This has been my daily routine since … I don’t know when.

It could easily takes me up to lunch time due to the probable interruption intermittently by the clients who sometime feel like poking their heads in on some work related matters (and of course, with the clicking of my fingers at the speed of light that flip the desktop display to some serious shit always save my day).

Anyway, point here is, unlike during my schooling years, being away nowadays means nothing as far as keeping yourself abreast with local affairs back home. I am not really out of touch of what’s kicking back home, that includes the pricey ring that Mawi bought for Ekin and also the KT by-election!

The coming by-election will definitely electrify things all over, or at least to me it will kick my morning reading session. The mainstream media will as usual be playing their cards, spinning the news as to make everything so darn perfect that it will be totally foolish for the KT folks to vote for the oppositions. It will be interesting if not hilarious to read remarks, comments and moronic statements made by regular goon squad of the ruling party. If only they can shut some of these morons up from making idiotic public statement, their chances of winning could be more, but they will never realize this. Hint – screw that ‘6 boxes of evidences’!

Anyway, we’ll see a very heady media coverage, mainstream and alternative, over the next two weeks. KT is a Malay kampong majority, and it will be exciting to see whether that elite dude (Pak Lah’s proxy as che det put it) who went around being a fag barber can do the trick.

Truth is I don’t really care who will win but seeing the opposition wining the election can at least be a bit inspiring. Not only that the people will gain by having a stronger opposition for an improved check and balance, it will also serve as a sekeh-kat-jendol for the ruling party to wake up to reality.


~ by pickholes on January 6, 2009.

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