Cardio vs Weight

If you check this out, most experts would recommend a fair combination of both, as long as you are not killing yourself overdoing it.

Well, I used to have a good program combining the two but since I moved here, I’ve not done cardio proper at all. Coz I thought all the daily walking or cycling to and fro (office/gym/home) should’ve taken care of whatever cardio is supposed to cover – hitting the calories, work the heart and blood pressure. My routine had been more focusing on weight resistance training, so it had been quite a while since I last hit the treadmill/cycle, ski or rowing machine.

Until today, I went 45 minutes ranging from medium to high intensity on treadmills and I felt so refreshingly good. The thing that triggered me on this was when missus told me how flat she was after hitting the stairclimbers machine for a straight three days. And she just started after a long break! And I thought to myself, man… I have not done cardio for a long time.

I have to say, I do change my routine every 8 weeks to avoid adaptation or plateau, but seriously though, without a good heart-burning-sweat-splashing cardio, the feel of working out is never the same. So now I have revised my routine to include 2 days of cardio a week.

Hope it works well with the limited time I have in the afternoon!


~ by pickholes on January 8, 2009.

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