Boycott US Products

Seriously I am a bit naïve on this boycotting deal, I mean, how it actually works and stuff like that. Before I go along with this so called campaign, I really need to know and be damn convinced that my sacrifice, oh yeah sacrifice, will definitely hit its intended aim. I need to figure in what aspect of boycotting these ‘mostly Malaysian made’ products will actually give a good kick in the US/Israel asses.

No, fact is, I don’t see how boycotting some of these products will do more harm to them than us. For one, US is one of Malaysia’s major trading partners – it means whatever deals that we have contributes to our economy, and secondly, most of these products or businesses are franchises in nature – means they are owned and run by our own folks. If I or million others quit eating at KFC, all I can think of is how my dear friend in Kelantan who is running a farm for supplying fresh chickens to KFC will handle this sudden drop of his normal delivery. I am sure the whole thing will burn his pocket more that it hits the KFC USA. Same goes with the employee of these business or those Minah and Mamat kilang yang kat American factories in Penang or Melaka.

As much as I am sadly disturbed seeing the innocent victims in Gaza, I don’t want to see, to a lesser extend, something unfortunate to happen to my country folks here too (just because of our ignorance to monkey-along with this campaign). And I don’t fee like giving up my PC, hardware and software or even quit blogging on WordPress (yeah, all American!), if doing so does not even hit anywhere close to its target.

Point is let us think of something that can actually deliver a good punch to these fuckers instead of torturing yourself (how can you resist that crispy hot fries from Mc Donald).

Seriously don’t get me all wrong here. I am all out condemning the barbaric invasion of Palestine, and my heart goes to all the innocent victims especially the children. Fact is we are not always rational creatures when it comes to expressing our anger or rage. It is just that we, the ordinary people, have to make an impact if we were to retaliate to something (rather than boycotting). The reasonable act would be to contribute to MERCY or NSTP fund or the least that we can do are do’a and prayer. I read we have disbursed a sum of humanitarian aid, deputed MERCY delegations, pressuring UN and all that.


~ by pickholes on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “Boycott US Products”

  1. for me,boycott is one of the best ways to attack israel n us.if we just depend on donation,at the same time,we spend at seems useless..let say we donate bout rm100,but then we spend on israelis’ product,for sure will exceed rm100..this is just my opinion..

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