P036 Kuala Terengganu By-election Result

I don’t know why but I am happy that PAS won the by-election.

Najib said, it was no big deal, Khairy said BN needs new image, and our PM, well… he is off to UAE.

First, it IS a big deal, though it does not change anything in a bigger scale, but didn’t he think that a failure to regain the seat means something at all?

A new image, damn straight BN needs that, but save the goons squad brains for this effort, all they need is a change of attitude – jangan berlagak dan cakap besar, orang menyampah. On Money Politics, well, I’m sure nuthin’ much they could do about that, I guess just try not to be seen corrupt, at least.

I am sure PKR owes a bunch to Ezam who has somehow helped them to win this election. Nobody could really tell what his dirty motive was, but if you listen to the letter that he read, it was nothing other than a letter written by a man who had the courtesy to extend his humble appreciation to his former boss who has sacked him. The morale – ditch this numbskull and his boxes next time!


~ by pickholes on January 19, 2009.

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