That was easy

That wasn’t tough.

I talked to my boss late evening yesterday, told him that I need to go off early for this shift for a personal reason. I said I would replace the days with an extended stay in my next shift.

“oh ok…” and that was it!. That was exactly what he said even before I could tell him what my personal reason was. Damn, that was easy, I was thinking about it all night – what to tell him and all that shit!

So I had the lady changed my ticket to 11 Feb, just nice for me to be with my daughter and attend to whatever she needs before she fly. It is sad as I am writing this.

My kids hardly grew up with me (for many reasons), missing their school annual parties, school shows, achievement ceremony and things like these are nothing new to them. Especially my eldest, I know she is used to my absence during all those precious moments, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t regret over it and God knows how I wish I could turn back the clock!

I normally leave her but this is the first time that she has to leave me. I don’t know why, but the feeling of her leaving me just makes me so so sad.

But I am sure as I wrote earlier in my posting, being away these days is not as “away” as it used to be. I hope I can still talk to her every now and then or even visit her whenever she is on a school break. We can still chat, skype, YM or emailing back and forth. But still…I’m gonna miss her, I am sure my mom will be in tears without her and restless at least for the first few months after she leaves.

Now…flashing way way back 21 years ago…during my time, (well I dont really remember exactly how I felt…) but i think I was all ape-excited to go, with a mix feeling though, having to leave my family especially my cute youngest sister who was so close to me (remember taking lots of pictures with her before I left at Subang Airport). My parents were so happy and proud that I can further my study kat luar negeri, as proud as I am now when my own daughter is pursuing her study.  During my stay, I was reaaally away, I mean no calls or chat or email…writing aerogram ada la…


~ by pickholes on January 23, 2009.

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  1. kena buat kenduri kat kampung ni….

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