Puteri Gunung Ledang and M Nasir Concert Alam

I’d been thinking and here are the things that I plan to do during my next offdays. First, Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical and second, M Nasir Concert Alam – both will be held at Istana Budaya.

Yup, PGL and Konsert Alam! Have not talked to missus about this plan yet, but I am sure she would say “…ok gak tu bang”.  She mentioned once about PGL last time. Now that I have my elder daughter and also a maid at home, I am sure we can leave our youngest two home without much worry. Well, we could even drop by somewhere else for lepak lepak after the show. Mmmm…sounds good.

“UMNO needs change”..boooorriinnnggg.

Read The Star today, and yes, another call for UMNO to change…this time from Syed Hamid.

Kelakar sungguh, I am 200 percent sure that the people who said this don’t even realize that it is ‘them’ actually that need to change. That includes Pak Lah, Khairy, Najib, Mat Tyson, Syed Hamid, Ali Rustam and many others. I don’t know to whom these people were talking to when they chanted this “UMNO needs change” mantra, but you know politicians, it is always others that have to do something (not them). To me, frankly, the only way to totally change UMNO is to replace all these sludge. Does it ever occur between their two ears that may be the rakyat do not actually hate the party. So, no matter how they plan to rebrand, re engineer or reform the party, if it is still run by these same charlatans, nothing could possibly change the rakyat perception towards UMNO. Step down and bring up new faces.

Pensiangan is probably next. If it goes to PKR, I hope the party sludge can step out of a box and look rationally at the whole thing, and say, yes they hate us!


~ by pickholes on January 26, 2009.

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