I am taking off a week from today. The kids miss me so much. My daughter has been sending emails after emails every day begging me to talk to my boss to let me go off to be with her.

Oh boy, am I so glad…that fine days are coming in a week time.

When every little damn thing around me starts to get on my nerves, I know it is time for to get the hell outta here. Its kinda like a time-up symptom, psychological reactions driven by endurance period. Its all about this place, from the people to work, all are pissing me right off. Aarrgg…

Yesterday, on the way to the gym, I was stopped by a police car, two officers came out and asked for my passport. They spent 15 minutes flipping on my document which I knew was perfectly ok. I was cool though. I had my phone and I speak a bit of Russian, so fuckers would not get a single cent from me this time.

I gave them some time to fuck around with my passport and when it seemed there was no sign of them letting me go anytime soon, I called the office. Our guy came and talked to them. They let me go after a while but our guy was still with them discussing I didn’t know what. Back in office, the guy told me that the bastards were trying to ask some money for lunch. He didn’t give any though… tough luck!


~ by pickholes on February 3, 2009.

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