Posman oh Posman …..

Yeop yeop…. campak duit depan mata berterabur surat kat tangan ye…anyway, I hope for a fresh state election.

The matter should have not gotten into this complicated had they EC played it fair. By right, when your rep resigned or drop dead, a by election is the only next thing to happen. EC acts only upon advice by the state not the other way around. But………..never mind.

I am so deadly bored here. There is something about the way work is being done here that does not really get along fine with me, hence the entire problem. Though project goes pretty well, schedule slip, variations, changes, standby and numerous claims keep popping up just about every second. Not good…. I am outta here pretty soon man…

My bro who just came back from Middle East has finally landed his ass on some fat paid job. Lucky him. He will be based in KL with off course a frequent trip to the rigs. He sounded happy when he called me. I could just imagine how nice it would be if I were to be back working in KL too, happy hours after work and shit like that. Mmm..

The news just got me thinking last night. I have been here for a year, and a couple of months more should be just it. I am checking out by middle of this year. I have thought about it and pretty much have made up my mind. Heard so much about Indonesia…aduuuh…may be I should start checking the place out ..


~ by pickholes on February 4, 2009.

One Response to “Posman oh Posman …..”

  1. cool blog ! first time singgah… 🙂

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