hate to cook

Nah.. I am so ticked off to even talk about yeop state…whatever it is, those yeop and yong sitting in Perak State Assembly are all for sales from now on. Just watch their asses!

Nevertheless, I hope my Perakian friend will remain cool in ‘Taiping yang Aman’.

Forget Perak, there are like a zillion other things that I have to care or think about – like urrr….what to cook for dinner tonight??

No, seriously, it drives me crazy to figure what to have e v e r y single night. Its hard I am telling ya…sometimes I end up sitting like an idiot in the kitchen – duh and blank- not knowing what to have for dinner. No shit.

I used to hear missus bitchin’ about what to cook for dinner and I thought man… how hard could that be, not like you have to solve a NASA puzzle or something. Well now I kinda understand her daily dilemma though… it is indeed hard, and mind you, she cooks for the whole family!

I have to agree to those who are saying that ‘Cooking is an Art’. It is an art. Toss me a meat and set the kitchen counter with fans of colorful ingredients that I can hardly pronounce the names, all I could do is probably just patting the meat thinking what the fuck should I do with this meat. But man, for a person who knows the arts of cooking, bet you he or she could come up with something that could even make the unfriendly neighbors accidentally pop up just to say hi.

Last night I had couple of boiled eggs with ketchup and salad and tonight….. mmm….(probably same shit again..)


~ by pickholes on February 7, 2009.

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