My days are crawling and the weather is still killing

Here I am, not that I am all ape-excited to be back but here I am…

Thought of updating my blog during my days off but the days were just damn good for me to even think of logging on.

I got myself my own wheel, pretty damn good deal for a 1993 Rover, convertible. Some told me this old bitch is gonna suck me dry on maintenance coz you don’t see them crawling the Malaysian roads nowadays. Nah, the previous owner told me that everything in it runs on Honda, so any Lim Tayar and the like can look after my new babe. I don’t see any problem to it, but does it really matter though?? … you know our bloodsucking workshops, they rip you off whether you are sending your Rover, Honda or even Proton for servicing anyway. I love the car, its convertible, driveable and the kids love cruising in it after school.

I didn’t go anywhere this time but managed to take the family out for some great fun, took missus out for a good dinner and the best thing, I managed to get tickets to Puteri Gunung Ledang. Superb! Also, caught up with friends, and met up with old ansara buddies too.

The kids are doing great at school, my eldest has finally settled down to a new life away from us and my other daughter, I hope, will settle down without TV pretty soon, still sobbing when I visited her before I left. She just started life in a boarding school a week ago.

Before I knew it, I had to pack and hit the road again. Forgot to cal my sister before I left, she called me when I was on transit in Bangkok, sorry.


~ by pickholes on March 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “My days are crawling and the weather is still killing”

  1. Salam… wassup bro…. its been a while since our last meeting… dapek yo jumpo ekau… eventho’ ghaso macam kojap yo… klu boto ujung tahun ni ekau abih, i’ll be seing you again bro… btw ur workout really works (it shows.. huhuhuuhu) beghapo lamo dah ekau angkek bosi? take care bro….

  2. tu la, takpo, see you again in may

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