New place may be…

One of our staff is leaving this Friday I was told. Not that I am all cryingbaby and down in the dumps about it but the office lady buzzed me yesterday if I wanted to move into this guy’s apartment.

So I asked her whether his apartment is any better compare the place I am staying now. She said hell yes, it’s closer to the office for one, and another, the place is next to the one supermarket where I frequent for my weekly grocery. Mmm….why not, I told her that I need to check out the place later. If it is all ok, I might as well move there.

I know the area, and compare to where I’m staying now, the surrounding is way much more happening with bars , shops and restaurants nearby.

It seems thing comes at the right time for me. Missus and the kids are coming this end of the month. So I guess a slightly bigger place for them would be nice.

Just the night before, I was thinking how my family could fit in my cute little apartment, especially my bedroom. The kids could sleep in my bedroom and my elder daughter and missus would have to sleep in the living room. I have to move the couch a bit to give some room for the three of us. The kitchen table will have to be moved slightly in the middle so we all can sit around the table for dinner (I pushed the table close to the wall as to give more kitchen space).

The apartment is small but I like it though, it has everything an apartment should – and its always warm coz of the low ceiling. The bathroom is so small that your knees can easily touch the washing machine placed in front of you when you sit on the toilet…imagine.

But the best thing about moving into a new place is the change of surrounding; it kinda cheers your life a bit (momentarily before you get all stiff-bored). I hope the apartment is a much better apartment when I go to check it out later this week. We’ll see.


~ by pickholes on March 4, 2009.

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