Rozita Che Wan and Datuk Seri Effendi

Rozita nafi bernikah dengan suami Tiara, Datuk Seri Effendy seperti yang digembar-gemburkan sebelum ini (Mstar, 4 March 2009)


Kejelitaan Rozita membuatkan ramai lelaki yang terpikat dengannya. Mstar, 4 March 2009

Read here, the story sure sounds like our Datuk Datuk are going nuts over this 5-inches make-up bimbo. And reading her comment to that just made me want to puke green! Lawa bebenor ke?? Seriously, I pix-googled the name just to be fair and see if she was indeed a beauty, but man….she was down right bimbo as bimbo could be. Fake!


~ by pickholes on March 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Rozita Che Wan and Datuk Seri Effendi”

  1. zul…she still will marry with politician but i forgot his name…will let u know soon…

  2. hyee..

  3. пердуперденция k2

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