Cumi dan Ciki

For reason only known to his teacher, my son was selected to be the speaker of the show they had at school. Missus went and told me how extremely well he did on stage. I can just imagine… hehe.

Kids nowadays are so smart. They dare to talk and express their ideas without reservation.

I don’t know, may be the evolutionary of man theory is true afterall, it is still an ongoing evolution from an apelike ancestor to what we are now, so the later generation is in a way always smarter than the previous generations. Or it could be the surrounding the kids are growing up in now which is different from ours that help them to be more daring and venturous.

Anyway…last night missus sent me pictures of my son during the show..cute.

On the way to work this morning, Cumi dan Ciki, Kak Ain and Wazata Zain (with his big glasses and goatee bit) were playing frenziedly on my mind. I can even clearly place these characters and people. Funny though, but I played along just to occupy myself with old-time nostalgia. Wonder where is Wazata Zain and Kak Ain now??

When I was young (after we finally had a TV), Cumi dan Ciki was really something, apart from Tempe, The Lone Ranger and others that I cannot recall now. I don’t remember whether I was a TV junkie back then but again nobody talks about kids and too much TV back then, so watching too much TV was only a normal thing to do for kids.

But I was in front of the TV from the moment Taufik Latiff presenting the Susunan Rancangan followed by the Toto until the 8.30 program like The Chips, Combat, Six Million Dollar Man, Man form Atlantis, Bionic Woman, Space 1999, The Saint Simon Templer, Haiwian Five O, Little House on the Prairie and some others that I couldn’t remember was on. Most programs were only aired once a week at the same day and time, so missing any one of them would take a week to get over it. So, how could we not be a TV junkie then?

Wait, that song is coming to me now…the Cumi dan Ciki song (featuring Mat Sentul Voice on Coklat Dendang) …let me enjoy the song for now.


~ by pickholes on March 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Cumi dan Ciki”

  1. haha, cumi and ciki. cute. that was my time too. and the legendary mat sentul. And dude, you have forgotten about Automan! Remember that drama?

  2. bercerita tentang kartun zaman dulu-dulu kepada salah seorang sahabat yang lahir pada tahun 80an, langsung teringat akan siri ini cumi dan ciki…agak-agaknya dalam tahun ya..ketika itu saya berada di kuaters polis di Linggi, bila time cumi dan ciki…melopong saya dan kawan-kawan kat depan tv..tergelak-gelak, happy, yalah..time tu mana ada masalah yg hendak dipikirkan…ermmmm…kalaulah zaman itu boleh dipukarkan kembali…pasti seronokkan….

  3. Mari adik, kawan semua,
    bermain , bersuka ria
    sama-sama gelak ketawa
    main dengan, cumi dan ciki

  4. salah satu siri yang menjadi ikutan mase kekanak dulu. kakak yang sulung menjanjikan untuk beli puppet cumi dan ciki tapi sampai mase puppet tu tak dijual dah. Sampai skang kami mengungkit pasal tu walau masing-masing da jadi mak orang. LOL

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