More Cardio

The other day I got a message from my daughter – “don’t worry 5 is perfectly ok, love you”.

Ok that was about a diabetic test that we all took while we were at home – missus, me and my daughter. I was blink blink ‘5’ and they were ‘4.6’. What the… I wanted to take the test again but the thought of that shocking pin poking my finger that gave me an instant bitch-pain changed my mind. I just could not believe it.

Here I was contending with two people who never bother about ‘that’s-too-sweet’ in anything they take, and I lost!. And I, have given up sugar years ago (ok glucose comes in different forms too but sugar as in SUGAR has not been in my diet at all at least for the past 5 years….with little cheating once in a while). They looked at my how-come face and told me it was ok, but I was not really a happy dude after the test.

Even my two-times my size brother who dropped by later howling hey I am 4.7 too …yeah like I was going to believe that!

It got me worry just to think about it for some time until it went away by itself. Forget that as long as I continue to keep looking after myself, despite smoking – I don’t know why I cannot dump this habit (but I will one day – that’s for missus who will read this…).


~ by pickholes on March 10, 2009.

One Response to “More Cardio”

  1. Could it be that if you cut out sugar too much the body will compensate by producing more… logic ke.? Anyway, I tested too the other day and it was 4.2 hehehe..

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