Pants on fire..

It’s nothing unusual when people stop me to spare them a ciggie. It happens here and it also happens back home, pretty normal – as normal as guys scratching or fixing their balls in public or chinese picking their noses while driving – that kinda normal.

So this morning on the way to office, one bow-legged heavy coated bumb stopped me asking for a cigarette (I was smoking at that time). Normally its no big deal, I would just give and in good shiny days, I even light the cigarette for them too!

But this morning, it just happened that the one that I smoked was the last one I had and my new unopened pack was in my backpack. So I didn’t feel like hassling around with my backpack to get the new pack out for this scum-ass. So I said I was sorry I didn’t have any. Oh yeah, like he was going to believe me – he was pissed obviously thought that I was lying. He said something that I didn’t understand but the motion said fuck you lying stingy penny pinching bastard and he went off. I could still heard his voice tail off behind me. Oh well… fuck you very kindly too.

Anyway. I had decided to quit the language class early this week. Reason being, either I am getting sick of it or I’m afraid that one day I would choke myself to death trying to pronounce every single word. I’d better quit.

The sweet lady teacher who teaches us asked me why I didn’t join the class, I said I was getting busier with works and could not spare the time for the lesson. I felt bad for lying (this time I was indeed lying), she is so sweet (and beautiful too). Not that she said something to me but it was the look…it was more like…c’mon, I can even give you a personal coaching if you want to….say at your home may be..”. Naaah.. just kidding.

Well, I learned something though, after a year of learning, it is really something. Not up to a level where I can come up with pick-up lines freely in their language but at least I can now go around buying things or ask something. Well…


~ by pickholes on March 12, 2009.

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