I’d say.. just leave them doing their job..

Funny though…. post mortem, second post mortem, inquiry, investigation and yesterday I read ….. an independent committee would be set up to investigate a case that we all talking about now. Imagine the time and resources that will be put into this ‘quite unnecessary’ sweat. Utter waste…

Not to get me wrong here, what I meant was in all ironies, we all know for a very fact that the kid was beaten to death while in custody. Scrap all these Murder-She-Wrote dramas, just nail those crooks in uniform. No matter how and what our ministers and directors are saying about it, we all know that fact, period.

I’d say it’s a “well-known-universally-practiced” way of our men-in-uniform squeezing information out of a suspect – and the only difference this time was that things went a bit overboard and it was unfortunate that it turned out the way it did – the suspect went flat-dead. But too bad though, just an unlucky day for our man in uniform dudes who were throwing party whipping the hell outta this poor kid!

Fact is we all know why he was dead and those responsible must face the music!

But again, imagine if our police were to do their job by what they’re saying ‘in-accordance-to-human-right’ crap. Bet your ass none will pop out from our suspected criminals if they go by ‘before-we-start,-would-like-to-have-coffee-or-tea-sir,-black-or-white,-sugar-or-plain’ way.


~ by pickholes on March 13, 2009.

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