No seriously, does it have to be there..?

Great, juusssttt great………yesterday morning, they put a small LAN printer next to my desk.

Just great, now every two damn second, I will have some one standing next to me collecting their print out.

Yesterday was hell… most of the time, they were not there just to pick up the printout, but instead stood there a while longer holding and scrutinizing the print-outs as if something wrong with the print-outs.

So, gone were the days of my peaceful corner where I can fuckaround quietly all day.

Now I have to be always on a constant watch-out coz I don’t want people to get a glimpse of what sites I am browsing when they are standing there (and mind you I browse and browse and browse if-you-know-what-I-mean).

Oh man… I hate it, so whenever I see someone’s coming to the printer (…from the corner of my eyes, well.. I don’t want to turn my head to make it obvious), either I have to flip from whatever sites that I am in to some other work-like site or document or pause my whatever games I’m playing at that time. Crap..

I have to talk to the office guy to move this printer somewhere else coz it disturbs my concentration and focus on my work…(yeah right).


~ by pickholes on March 14, 2009.

One Response to “No seriously, does it have to be there..?”

  1. Hahahahaha I feel ya. Am sitting next to a printer too lol. I normally look at the reflection of my monitor to see who’s standing near the printer 😛

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