Orang Melaka silap kira..

Oh Chief Minister ku…bak kata orang Melaka…….”..hawau…ape dah jadi be…??”

May be this is why they’re saying politics are dirt dirty.

Politics are no longer about serving people, far from it, if you think these people are here to serve, you are 20 years behind. Catch up please. It is all about power and lots and lots of money that go with it. More power only means more money flowing in.

Fighting for power is second nature. To survive in their quest for more power, smart (read crook) politicians have to know their coordinate well – where they are among all of them. Wrong footing can only mean suicide.

I guess, politicians are all dirty to begin with. So, to knock one off from the power game is not without difficulty, there are always valid reasons to do that.


~ by pickholes on March 17, 2009.

One Response to “Orang Melaka silap kira..”

  1. hidup ali ketam! sesugguhnya pengorbanan itu tidak ternilai harganya. lepas ni meniaga keropok ketam jelah

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