Robert Tutu says you’ve won a million dollars or about to inherit a fortune!

What is it with Nigerian and lots and lots of money to give away to people??

Yesterday, The Star reported one Nigerian woman who was slapped with a year in jail for attempting to cheat a government officer through an email scam, saying that he had won a million dollar.

Served her right right there, but if I were the magistrate, I’d also sentence the idiot who went along with this scam with a good whack right on his forehead. I mean common, for f–k sake, just what made him think that he could easily get a million dollar.

Months ago, I too received a message via skype from one Robert Tutu (or something that sounds like that).

He shot.. “Hi sir, I have a business proposition for you that I think you will not want to pass it…are you interested?”

Well I replied, “Wait before you continue, let me guess, you have millions and millions of dollars to give me, and for me to get that millions, I have to put some money in your account?”

And he went “ yes, that’s right

I shot another message, “No, you keep that millions or find some other fools in your continent..

And he replied “Thank you sir..”



~ by pickholes on March 25, 2009.

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