Our PM-to-be is so cool..

Newspaper headlines never fail me of having a good laugh. The headlines can easily sucked people to believe that a bunch of holy men are running our country.

Just how do you make out of this headline yesterday;

NST, “Najib – Don’t live in denial”.

No, seriously, I mean, its like ‘look who’s talking’.

Malaysia UMNO

Oh man, just look at that face….I love this guy..

What amazed me more was to imagine how the heck these crapload of ‘holymen’ managed to talk on all the issues of being humble, clean, non corrupt, honest and all these good human values with such straight faces. Not to mention the crying …if this is not the joke of the year, I don’t know what is.

I would imagine they held up their immense need to laugh whenever they talked and burst into one heck of a laugh the moment they entered the toilet.

With KJ winning the Pemuda, I could just see what kinda mindset that the new generation of leaders is going to be. The leaders of our children and grand children…*sigh*

In the meantime, just sit tight…


~ by pickholes on March 26, 2009.

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