Muhyiddin no 2

That’s all folks…there we have it……a dream team that will shape the country.

Except for Mukhriz, I don’t know whether it is a clean coincident or what, but it seems that all President preferred candidates won the posts. And you know our new President (and PM obviously) and his skill at getting what he wants (?$$?).

And Mukhriz, unlike Khir Toyo, is still smiling despite loosing (and we all know why). But for a lonely KJ, damn, if he doesn’t change the game, he will feel the heat in no time. I am not worry about Shabbery, we know being in RTM, he is good at acting.

Azalina and Shahrir (he even said he wants to quit), go and find a hobby now. Oh ya, Mat Tyson and Rafidah too! Kah kah kah…


~ by pickholes on March 27, 2009.

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