Gambar Erra’s baby girl Aleesya

Erra delivers a baby girl, uh.. Ok.

Anyhoo.. politics have always been the ‘thing’ or major thing for Malaysians. It’s all about politics and they are so dearly close to our hearts *puke*. Whilst CNN, BBC and other main media report mainly on economic crisis, our media covers 80% of the assignment on politics. I bet if you flip on Animal Planet, even the monkey will probably bitch on economy!

With post UMNO assembly issues still lingering all over our media like, who will stay, who will be kicked out, what are the hypocrites reaction to former PM comeback and much much more hot burning news on politics, here we have three by-elections coming up soon. That’s one helluva major event to report and talk about. Not to mention the Bukit Selambau indian drama.

What economy?, we don’t talk economy in Malaysia, it is taboo… the economy is doing well, we are ‘f u n d a m e n t a l l y’ strong. I like that term, just saying it makes you sound articulate and intelligent…FUNDAMENTALLY STRONG.. especially when it comes from our PM, PM-to-be or that Nor Yaakob dude. Yeah, we talk politics ok, even though the whole world is bitching on economy.

Oh yeah, Erra and whathisname husband named the baby girl Aleesya.


~ by pickholes on March 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gambar Erra’s baby girl Aleesya”

  1. are you piss with your life ?

  2. are you piss with your life?

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