the kids just love it here..

I don’t know what with my apartment, but the kids really enjoy just staying home, not even bother if we don’t go out at all. Last night, I went out to get something with missus, and as we had expected, none of them wanted to come when we asked. They just love playing anything and with everything at home.

We had been to quite some places here, and for this weekend, we have already plans drawn. There are just so many interesting places to go within a short time. Hopefully, it will be a sunny weekend.

For a start, I have discovered one place that we plan to go this Saturday for breakfast, named 4A Café, Starbuck alike I guess. Read a good commendation from the internet about this café, so we’ll see about it.

I am so glad that they are here around this time, the weather is superb. Tough it is below 10 in the morning and evening, but it warms up to around 18-20 in the afternoon in most days.


~ by pickholes on April 14, 2009.

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