that I have in mind

Is it really necessary to have a crap catchy line whenever one takes office?

We had that stupid mantra “Work With Me, Not For Me” crap that we, until now, don’t really know whatever it means, and now here comes this “One Malaysia, People First, Performance Now” or whatever that means. A stupid slogan that only opens up to criticism when nothing you do reflects the essence of that crappy jingle.

People first…yeah right! Just like when the DPM blamed the people first when they lost the recent by-election, saying that people are not being grateful to them. Funny how he could even thought of saying something stupid like that. Obviously he must have forgotten the very concept of voters/people and people appointed representative (or probably he was ‘high’ – the dude sure looked stoned though).

Oh well… not that I really care about politic anyway…though I couldn’t help it coz the papers write politics all the time. Let say I have like a thousands other things to think about …errr…like how to break the plateau on my workouts – my calves just don’t grow no matter how hard I hit them! No that’s not one of the many things that I have in mind. My children, that’s my priority.

It has become almost like a ritual to think about my children just before we (missus too) go to bed every night – our plan, our hope, our doa and all those wishes that I am sure all parents have for their precious children.

The thought of my children has never missed out from our every conversation. Could it be that we are of a ‘special’ kind family that we don’t take anything for granted or .. may be all parents at our age talk about their children all the time…

My eldest is doing fine so far, though she misses fish, in particular, ikan parang asam pedas, so much. My second will soon enter into a critical year in IGCSE curriculum where she will have to choose the right syllabus for her future career path, my third will be taking a PMR next year and Iman, my fourth daughter – I have to check on how well she gets along with her new life during my next vacation. And for my youngest two, they are really spicing our life up.


~ by pickholes on April 15, 2009.

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