So soon…

..and here we are…Friday, already.

For the first time in my dull life here, time does fly. My family is leaving next week.

As much as I want them to extend their stay, I don’t want the kids to miss school. My days have been so much alive and the thought of having to spend the rest of my days here alone again is awfully indescribable. I have been spoiled – that’s for sure – with hot served dinner and all…

The weather for the past few days was a real bitch, with rains and all, the temperature dropped drastically to a low 5-8 (and with no heater at home – imagine…). But the local forecast with a track record of 1  over 10  turns out spot-on shows bright sunny days this weekend, and boy I do hope it will turn out as forecasted coz we have plans to do and to go.

Breakfast tomorrow will be at this one café that I had been reading about, well recommended café owned by one American who married a local chick. And right after that, we plan to browse around an area where they sell souvenirs. And if the weather stays as forecasted, we will stroll around the city checking things out.

My buddy who just came back dried after draining his pocket from a europe tour buzzed me yesterday. He has just started his new job after ditching the last one, hinting me about few openings back home. If all work out as planned, it might be wise for me to consider checking this out when I’m back in May. I’ll see.


~ by pickholes on April 17, 2009.

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