Menanti Penanti

Well, here is Friday.

A week ago I told missus when she was here and placed my bet, that, if BN still could not make up its mind as whether to run or not for Penanti by-election, believe me in one way or another, there would not be any by-election.

I could vividly read the plot even then – the dirty one that is.

And true as it turns out today, MACC lacks sufficient ground to pursue and the young mamak dude is now considering retracting his resignation.

Not that on how costly a by-election could cost the rakyat money (they really think the rakyat is gonna believe the wasting-tax-payers money crap!), but the real fear is how terribly humiliating a by-election could potentially paint on the reputation of our new PM.

First, the mortifying anxiety of losing yet another by-election, and second, a suggestion by his mentor to fight instead of giving the opponent a free walk-over just left the new PM bemusedly dumbfucked.

And now, with the latest news that we all read, all are done and settled – thanks to lots and lots of money.

One heck of a slime strategist he is.

Now, this young dude, I have a doubt.


~ by pickholes on April 24, 2009.

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